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Ben&Julia is a creative bureau with shops in Berlin since 2009.

They lead the double life of artists / directors, one feeding the other and vice versa.The studio is known for its character designs, energy and straightforward collaborations with brands; creating a fusion of two worlds. Their work was commissioned by Nike for the release of the Vapormax, projected at night all over the George Pompidou center during the Air Max Day of 2017. From performance art (Volvo in Zurich CH, Swatch / MTV Luzern,CH / Berlin, DE) to films -- Diesel, Klarna, Subway, Galettes St Michel, Outback and most recently Jeni’s Ice Cream, Ben & Julia never stop renewing themselves.

They generally bring with them a great team of collaborators who are determined to outperform and have a good time. Pioneers of the Mix Media with their 1973 music video for Tahiti Boy & the Palmtree family, they collaborate with Flairs, then Biz Markie and the German scene with Steve Bug and Nena.

Their studio is equipped to host and develop different types of projects. The 200m2 office is divided in 3 adjacent spaces: A workshop for painting, sculpture work, FX + Pop up Gallery -- A lighted shooting studio + Cameras up to 12k Raw + 4k at 240fps, Dragon Frame system for stop motion projects -- The third space is a post-production boutique with Editing Suite, Grading Suite, Motion graphics and VFX services.

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